ABATE of Arizona has a program reaching out to student drivers in five east valley high schools (and planning to expand statewide) to Look Out For Motorcycles. Originally started up by Sporty Jim and later fine tuned by Jean Cooper to a power point and video presentation, east valley members Joe Silk and Jim Silk have been showing students, and new drivers of all ages, how to share the road.

Their power point show helps their audience members see what a motorcycle is doing in today's traffic and alerts students to another form of transportation vehicle. The presentation consists of photos of who, what, and where motorcycles can be found, as well as a video put out by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) about Sharing The Road.

The audience gets to take a short quiz on what was shown, and then obvserve a ride-by demo by a motorcycle where they learn to judge the speed of bike driving past them. The lecture ends with a brief demonstration on how a rider operates the bike.

Those who are interested in learning more about how to safely operate a motorcyle, or just more about how to drive in close proximity to motorcycles, are encouraged to look at a Team Arizona drivers program as well as how to find funding for a class thru AMSAF.

Many motorcycle riders have assisted over the years in helping do this presentation and a big thank you goes out to Richard Dalton, Nolan Steed, Tim Zemnick, Dawn Steed, Mary K and Smiley, Greg "Troll" Hughes, "Pops" from the Huns MC, Ron Carroll from the Gold Wing Riders, and Joe Hoodak, among many others. Without a motorcycle rider present, the class would not be a success. This program makes a huge difference in making student drivers aware of motorcyclists in Arizona.


Motorcycle Awareness Program Coordinator

Jim Silk

Call 602-312-1927

Email jpsilk2264@gmail.com


We are a volunteer organization of riders, and friends of riders, that is aimed toward educating the public and legislators about motorycle safety and motorcyclists rights.

Motorcycle Rights

ABATE of AZ fights discriminatory legislation aimed towards the motorcycling community. We believe all motorcycle riders have the right to choose not only the machine that they ride, but also the riding gear that they choose to wear or not to wear (i.e., leathers, gloves, boots and helmets).

Motorcycle Safety

ABATE of AZ promotes rider education for all motorcycle riders, and motorcycle awareness for all automobile drivers. We work with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and other organziations to promote safer roads for all.

Blind Spots

Blind Spots

None of the motorcycles in this picture can be seen in the trucker's mirrors or other blind spots.
Where do YOU Ride when near a truck?



ABATE of AZ Legislative Director Michael Infanzon learning to be a Motorcycle Awareness Program instructor. If anyone would like to learn how to be an instructor please contact Jim Silk. It would be great to expand this program across the state.

Ready to do something?

ABATE promotes rider education for all motorcycle riders, and motorcycle awareness
for all automobile drivers. ABATE needs the support of all motorcycle riders.